Don't Let Electrical Issues Ruin Your Day

Turn to us for electric repair services in Roxboro or Milton, NC

You depend on your electricity more than you think. It lights your home, powers your appliances and charges your electronics. It keeps us connected to the world at large. Without it, your home or business wouldn't function properly. Luckily, BBD Electric is here to ensure your electrical system continues to run smoothly. Hire us for electric repair services in Roxboro or Milton, NC.

Our highly skilled electricians can troubleshoot all kinds of issues, including power outages, faulty outlets, tripped circuit breakers and flickering lighting. Armed with extensive field knowledge of 18 years and 2 years of actual electrical studies, our electricians have the knowledge to get you back up and running faster than most other companies around.

Not to mention, at a reasonable price point that won't break the bank. We know times are tough and electrical issues aren't ever planned for. They can be quite expensive. That's why we will always work with our customers to come to a reasonable payment solution so you remain safe in your home without those financial worries. Your safety is first and foremost.

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